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The DS-1 is a network streamer (End Point) with our Dream OS Client that focus on Extreme Low Hardware and Software Latency playback.

DS-1 is the only consumer product on the market that combine proprietary OCXO module, Audiolinux Ramroot and Intel Nuc technology.

Custom LPS for DS-1 is available to future enhance the quality of audio playback experience.

▪ Simple turn-key solution you don’t need a computer science degree to make it work
▪ TLS audio grade memory module
▪ Ultra Low Latency Playback
▪ 10 ppb OCXO Module included
▪ EMI/RFI Treatment
▪ Emi-Optimized Motherboard
▪ USB 3.0 PCM 32bit / 768kHz and DoP Native DSD

Dream OS Driven by Memory and low latency

OCXO 10 ppb Module included for DS-1
▪ TLS has proven the concept of OCXO direct connection to be a very important part of puzzle on audio playback. Therefore DS-1 can’t do without one.

Ultra Low Latency
▪ Latency AVG 9 us

Fanless Enclosure
▪ Custom design fanless enclosure with noise treatment to reduce vibration and resonance
▪ CNC with 6061-T6 grade aluminum

Music Playback Software
▪ Roon Bridge
▪ uPNP Client

5.75” x 4.75” x 2.5”

▪ 2 Years Parts and Labors

Made in USA